2018-11-23 Open Early, Toys for Tots and Angie DeRose

When Black Friday Comes…

Need to escape the madness?  Or pick up some Missing Links gear for someone on your list (we hear there is a great new selection)?  Great news, we’re opening at 10 on Black Friday!

While you’re out shopping, please remember those who have a little less and pick up a donation for Toys for Tots.  Donations can be made until December 9, and our goal is to fill a dump truck.  Donate a new unwrapped toy and receive a chance to win a Missing Links Brewery gift card.

As if that’s not enough, Angie DeRose is back on Friday from 7-10pm, and the Noble Hops Band debuts here on Saturday from 8-11pm!

Thought for the week: an advent is 24 days, we celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas, the average of the two is 18 and that’s how many taps we have.  Just sayin’.