How local is local?

What does it mean when you buy a local brew?  It’s more than just a beer.  Our kegs are made by American Keg Company over in Pottstown, PA.  The steel for the kegs was rolled by AK Steel Butler Works, a few minutes away from us in Butler:

Our American Rye is fresh to the tap this weekend.  We utilized Barley that was grown in Fenelton, PA and Rye grown near Williamsport, PA and then expertly malted by our friends at CNC Malting in nearby Fenelton. What fun it is to use local products in our beer! And to wet your whistle — we have a Pale Ale in the fermenter made with fresh local hops.

So when you buy a local beer, you’re supporting more than just a local brewpub.  You’re supporting a keg manufacturer in the middle of the state, a local roller mill, local farmers and a local maltster.  That’s a lot of local in one pint!