Missing Links' I Love Rogen Roll Roggenbier

Missing Links’ Rogen Roll is a roggenbier, or a style of rye beer.  Beer is most often brewed with malted barley, but rye beers replace some of the barley with malted rye.  A roggenbier uses about 50-60% malted rye, and usually uses the same yeasts as a hefeweizen.  A finished roggenbier is dark in color but has a light, spicy flavor with notes of fresh baked bread.  Although rye beers seem like a recent variant f traditional beers, rye was more common than barley until a few poor rye harvests the 15th century in Germany.

In Missing Link’s I Love Roggen Roll, spicy rye malt is complimented by clove and banana from use of a traditional weizen yeast.  Light use of noble hops round out the profile to create our take on a German Roggenbier.  We don’t have a jukebox, but if we did this beer would make you you want to put a dime in it.


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