Missing Links' Lagniappe Beer

A lagniappe (pronounced lan-yap) is a little something extra given to someone.  That 13th doughnut in a “baker’s dozen” is a lagniappe.  Because your brewers love you, they may add a little something extra to make their brew a little more special.

Missing Links’ Lagniappe was created for the inaugural Downtown Butler Beerfest in 2017.  Our Lagniappe is an IPA, and the “something extra” comes from using Calypso hops.  Calypso hops are known as a “dual purpose” hop, which provide both the characteristic bitterness of an IPA as well as infusing a fruity aroma to the beer.  Our recipe results in an easy drinking IPA with a moderate IBU having citrus and floral hop flavors.


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