Missing Links' Lake Arthur IPA

The “pale” in “pale ale” refers the use of pale malt in brewing, not the color of the ale.  Pale malts are dried at lower temperatures (around 200F), which preserves the full complement of brewing enzymes and imparts a light color to the malt.  At the height of the British Empire, Britons were found all over the world, and retained their taste for familiar food and drink.  Since India was too warm for brewing beer, breweries in London and Ireland shipped beer to India.  Additional hops were added to prevent spoilage, imparting the characteristic hoppiness/bittermess IPAs are known for.

Tropical fruit flavors dominate this IPA first served at Lake Arthur Golf Club. Two different yeast strains combine to leave a dry finish that doesn’t mask the hop flavors.


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  1. […] American IPAs are traditional IPAs brewed with American hop varieties, rather than English hops.  These are not the same as an American Pale Ale.  We talked about traditional IPAs in our blog post for Lake Arthur IPA. […]

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