Missing Links' Roll in the Hay Farmhouse Ale

Saison is a style of beer which originated in the French farmlands.  Saisons were brewed in the winter, and meant to be served during the summer to the seasonal farmhands.  Traditional saisons had a low ABV of around 3%, but modern versions have a middle ABV around 5%.  Flavors are usually light but complex, sometimes described as slightly fruity.  In 2005, a saison was named “The Best Beer in the World”.

Missing Links’ Roll in the Hay Farmhouse Ale is a light and refreshing saison with just enough alcohol to warm you up as it cools you down. This one is floral and earthy with a little spice and a little sweetness mixed in.  It was not the one named “Best Beer in the World”, but we think it’s only a matter of time at this point.


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