Missing Links' Scottish Ale

Scottish Ales (not to be confused with Scotch Ales) can trace their heritage back to the Neolithic Era 50 centuries ago.  Modern Scottish Ales usually have a longer boil which caramelizes the wort, followed by an incomplete fermentation.  These result in a beautiful caramel color, an ABV of 3-6% and a sweet, malty flavor.  Scottish brewers categorized their beers by how much a hogshead cost.

category shillings ABV
Light  60  <3.5
Heavy  70  3.5-4
Export  80  4-5.5
Wee Heavy  90  >=6

Missing Link’s Scottish Ale is a cross between Scottish Export and Wee Heavy ales.  This beer has characteristic deep malt flavors with hints of chocolate and caramel.  It is smooth with the overall impression of a Wee Heavy without the high alcohol content typically associated with this style.


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