Missing Links' Stroke of Midnight Pumpkin Ale

Ales are beers which are fermented around room temperature, usually in the low 70F range.  The yeasts which are most active at these temperatures produce secondary flavors which impart fruity notes to the finished beer.  Specialty ales are created by adding additional ingredients during brewing.

Our Stroke of Midnight is made with 55 pounds of double baked, locally grown Cinderella Pumpkins for “REAL” pumpkin flavor.  That’s almost 1 pound of pumpkin for each gallon of beer!  There is a little bit of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves are added to give just the right amount of spice without overpowering the roasted caramel and chocolate flavors from the malt. Hops are kept to a minimum in order to keep the focus on the roasted pumpkin flavors.


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