Pints and Kegs and Barrels, oh my!

A pint is the standard serving size for a beer, and one of the more enjoyable aspects of standards is that there are usually several to choose from.  It’s not different with pints.  In the US, a pint is 16 US fluid ounces, while a pint in the UK is 20 US fluid ounces (ICYWW: we serve in US pints).

Both our fermenters are each one US barrel, meaning we can produce 4 kegs or almost 500 pints at a time.  This is roughly 240 barrels a year, which is a microscopic volume compared to the large corporate breweries, which can produce 125 million US barrels per year.

Name Measurement # US Pints
US pint 16 US fl oz. 1
imperial pint 20 US fl oz. 1.25
growler 64 US fl oz. 4
keg 15.5 US gal
1984 US fl oz.
US barrel 31 US gal
2 kegs
3968 US fl oz.
UK barrel 36 imp gal
5534 US fl oz.
Hogshead 54 imp gal
8301 US fl oz.